For The Record

For The Record

When many people think of boxing, they picture Floyd Mayweather in the ring or Rocky Balboa in the movies as the typical dominant, masculine fighter. However, boxing is one of the best workouts for females as well, and an increasing amount of women are being drawn to the high intensity and powerful sport. Mayweather Boxing […]

So you’ve been wanting to try a boxing class, you’ve heard about Mayweather Boxing + Fitness and you’ve booked your first free class. But how should you prepare yourself for your first class? Trying any new fitness class can be intimidating, especially a high intensity one like boxing. The Mayweather name, while synonymous with success […]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. came from humble beginnings. He grew up in a poor neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where kids didn’t have many opportunities handed to them. Trained  by his father and uncle, who were dominant boxers in their own rights, boxing and fitness became a powerful positive outlet for Floyd to focus his attention […]

While you might see a gym on nearly every block and think the market doesn’t need another one, it’s actually a fantastic time to invest in a gym franchise. Beyond the fact that the global health club market is worth $94 billion, the boutique studio is having a moment in the spotlight. Let’s look at […]

Like every industry, the fitness industry has taken a hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. But Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchises not only survived having to close temporarily, but they also found ways to thrive and continue to serve members. Continuing to Deliver Value While our open Studios closed in accordance with guidelines from […]

There’s nothing like feeding off the energy of your Instructors and fellow members in the middle of a group fitness class. It’s so motivating to know someone is personally holding you accountable and that there are other people pushing through the same challenge as you. While nothing can truly replace the electric atmosphere of a […]