Victory Loves preparation

Victory Loves PREPARATIOn


Wherever you are in your fitness journey, come join our thriving community today. We are a team at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness with an inclusive and diverse studio created for a total body workout experience.

Get ready to HIT it!

Let’s gear up for success.

1. Arrival:

Your first workout is unique and arriving at the studio 30 minutes prior to start time is important. We will familiarize you with the check-in process, show you around the workout stations, answer your questions and you can meet your instructor.

2. Gear up:

If you have your own gloves and hand wraps, that’s cool! Otherwise, we will provide everything you need, including a heart rate monitor, all on the house. These are also great reasons to arrive early so we can set you up for success. See location for details.

3. Nice to meet you:

Your instructor will find out your WHY, so they can guide you more specifically. They will also review and demonstrate the basic 6 punches for the workout and show you where your starting station is located.

4. It’s GO TIME!

You are about to train using the same principles and workout designs that helped Floyd Mayweather become an Undefeated 50-0 world champion. It starts with your first workout which puts you on the path to greatness…physically, mentally, and emotionally.

No two classes are the same and upon completion, your instructor will review your Heart Rate Training summary, and answer any questions you may have about your first workout experience at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness.

Remember, you are here to have fun, meet new people with a common goal, and leave a sweaty mess. You are not just joining a gym but rather a like-minded fitness community. We are in your corner and with hard work and dedication, we can all achieve great results together.


Find out what to expect
during a Mayweather workout.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I book my first workout?

You can book your first workout HERE, or by calling your local Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before class so we can get you set up!

I am brand new to boxing fitness. Can I do this workout?

Absolutely! Prior to the workout starting, you’ll meet with your instructor, who will show you the workout TV screens, the direction and flow of the class, and introduce you to the basic 6 punches used in class. This is a great time to discuss your fitness background, any exercise or medical restrictions you have, and ask any questions.

What do I need for my first workout?

You will need a water bottle, a small workout towel, boxing gloves, and hand wraps. If you do not have your own gloves and wraps, no worries! We have gloves and wraps available at the studio.

What do I do when I get to the studio?

You’ll be greeted by a team member who will assist you with check-in, answer any questions and give you a tour of the studio. Our team will assist you with wrapping your hands so you’re ready to have fun on the bags. Remember, no experience required, just an open mind and a desire to have fun and sweat!

What if I have a question during the workout?

Your instructor will be with you every step of the way! Don’t hesitate to ask questions during class if you feel uncertain about an exercise.

The workout is done and I’m a glistening, sweaty mess! Now what?

This is a great time to discuss your first experience with us so we can answer any questions. Your instructor is a great resource of information so don’t be shy. We would love to continue training with you and our team members can discuss what membership options best suits your schedule, training goals, and budget.

How much does a membership cost?

There are a few different membership options depending on what goal you’re chasing. Chat with a team member to determine what membership works best for you.

Can you attend a class at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness if you are under 18?

Yes, for our regularly conducted classes, individuals ages 13 years and up are welcome to participate with approval from a parent or guardian.

Are the group workouts scalable for all levels?

Yes. Four of our five named workouts are appropriate for all levels of fitness and experience. Advanced Bagwork, with its advanced boxing workout design, is the only workout we recommend taking only when you have completed at least five of our standard boxing + fitness workouts.

Does Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offer personal training and 1-1 coaching?

We offer both services. Personal training is delivered by a certified personal trainer who has access to use the entire studio and all of the training tools. 1-1 coaching is also available which is boxing-centric with a focus on mitt work and boxing.

How long are the classes?

Standard Undefeated weekday classes are 45-minutes. Weekend only Champ 60 classes are 60-minutes. We also have a 30-minute Boxing Fundamentals class and a non-boxing all fitness specialty workout, MBody, which can be taken any day of the week and is 50-minutes.

Do you have sparring?

There is no sparring at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. We have personal training and 1-1 coaching. See front desk for details.