How Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Franchise is Thriving Post-COVID

Like every industry, the fitness industry has taken a hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. But Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchises not only survived having to close temporarily, but they also found ways to thrive and continue to serve members.

Continuing to Deliver Value

While our open Studios closed in accordance with guidelines from the CDC and other authorities, we ran live streaming and digital programming to keep all members fit and engaged with the brand in the short-term.Members who craved the in-Studio experience were still able to keep up with their engaging workouts.

Our temporarily-closed Studios actually sold more memberships than when they were open prior to shutdowns! Franchise owners actively called prospects who were sitting at home, and connected with them on a personal level about what was happening in the world and how health and fitness were so important. Franchisees got these prospects excited to be members, and signed them up to attend once the Studios reopened. 

The New Normal of Fitness

Now that all of our open Studios have reopened, we have made a few changes for the benefit of our members. Class sizes have been reduced by approximately 50% (varies by location) and shared equipment has been reduced. 

We are requesting six-feet distance between Members at all times, and the check-in process is now contactless. Staff and Members are receiving temperature checks prior to entering the Studio, and while Staff are required to wear face masks, they are encouraged for all Members, as well. 

We understand that in this new normal, people don’t want to be crammed in small spaces with other people. The CDC has stated that open spaces help decrease potential cross-contamination among people. That’s why we have changed our floor plan to remove lobby walls. Our Studio layout is now open and airy, and features more open space. 

We no longer offer loaner gloves and wraps, but do sell a Starter Pack, which includes three classes and starter gloves and wraps for $25. These starter gloves and wraps are still high-quality and protective, but are made for several uses only. We continue to offer our Essentials Kit, which has our premium branded gloves and wraps for ongoing use. 

Despite the adaptations, our classes maintain the same principle of Mayweather-inspired boxing combinations and dynamic, full-body cardio, and strength floor exercises. 

More Reasons to Join

While our Unlimited Membership option remains popular, we have also introduced the EZ Class option, which allows our franchisees to open up to a new demographic of people and increase their monthly recurring revenue. 

With a monthly fee of $24.99, members pay $10 for each class with the EZ Class plan. This is great for people who want a more flexible, ‘pay as you go’ system, especially during this hard financial time. The plan is perfect for those Members who are traveling and are unable to commit to coming into the Studio a certain number of times each month, or who have multiple gym memberships. The majority of our Members remain on the Unlimited plan.

Mayweather Franchises are Booming

While COVID-19 has turned the franchising industry on its head, we’ve actually found a lot of prospective franchisees looking to start a fitness business after COVID.

While disasters like this pandemic destroy a lot of businesses (40-60% of small businesses never open again after a disaster, according to FEMA), we’ve found plenty of reason for anyone looking for a lucrative franchising opportunity to consider a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise right now.

According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), the fitness industry in the U.S. lost $700 million a week during the peak of closures. This, unfortunately, will cause many businesses in this industry to close, which leave significant opportunities for those people ready to start a fitness business after COVID. 

As new real estate opportunities open up, landlords will look for proven brands to sign long-term leases. And with SBA loan packages available at all-time low interest rates, it’s a great time for financing a new fitness franchise.

In terms of demand for fitness studios, this is the ideal moment to open something new and innovative. People have been at home, living more sedentary lifestyles, and they may not be satisfied with working out with videos at home. They need a place to look forward to going, to release their stress and get their fitness and health back on track. 

Another reason to consider opening a fitness franchise right now? Many highly-talented fitness professionals have lost their jobs, which means as a new franchise owner, you can secure skilled, professional fitness talent for your business and create an all-star team for your Studio.

At Mayweather, we’ve adapted our staffing model to accommodate the changes that COVID has necessitated. Our modified staffing structure focuses on fewer, more engaged staff members who will be more personally invested in driving member retention. This will establish a lower fixed payroll base and allow our Studios to ramp up profitability even faster. 

Are You the Next Mayweather Franchisee?

With 160 units in development, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness refuses to let COVID-19 beat it. Can you blame us? With a founder who’s got a 50-0 record, thriving and winning is in our DNA.
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