it's 'bout to
go down!


Welcome to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. A high-energy, fun, boxing group fitness class experience that will increase your fitness levels while building your strength and confidence. Build your endurance by rotating through each round to a new station where you’ll find a unique training emphasis. No matter who you are: a former athlete, young professional, stay-at-home-parent, or retiree – for today, you become a champion.


A good workout is aligned with your fitness goals. Whether you aim to build strength, increase endurance, or lose weight, our workouts are designed to help you progress towards those goals.

Variety & Balance

Our well-rounded workout routines include a mix of different exercises and training modalities ensuring that you target different muscle groups and enhance overall fitness while never getting bored.


Working out as a team can be a fun and motivating way to enhance your fitness journey while providing accountability and encouragement to push each other to reach those fitness goals.


A fast paced, 45-minute workout including 5 rounds of boxing + 3 rounds of fitness. We offer two styles of Undefeated workout designs: Strength & Power, and Speed & Athletic. So, whether you are focusing on power punches or looking for a high intensity calorie burn session, both styles will have you feeling Undefeated.

+ Great workout for all fitness levels
+ Great workout for beginner to experienced boxers
+ 45 minutes


MBODY is a fitness-only, non-boxing focused workout, that complements our standard boxing + fitness classes and enhances our member’s results. This 50-minute training session has five specific training stations and is a dynamic addition to any fitness program. So, whether you want to decrease body fat, increase lean muscle, gain strength, become more athletic, work on balance and stability, or just have fun, this is for you!

+ Good for intermediate to advanced
+ 50 minutes
+ Focuses on fitness only, non-boxing workout


We offer 2 variations of this workout: Champ 60 and Champ 90. Both 60-minute and 90-minute workouts are all about community, supporting each other, hard work, and finishing like a Champ. The Champ is a studio favorite and is a great mix of boxing, strength, power, and core work, which will leave you inspired and feeling very accomplished.

+ Good for advanced
+ 60 or 90 minutes
+ Focuses on boxing, strength, power and core work

Boxing Fundamentals

This beginner-friendly, 30-minute workout reviews the basic Boxing Fundamentals at a slower pace, focusing on safety and technique. Your boxing instructor will show you how to execute the basic 6 punches of boxing, so you’ll be ready to box with confidence and move into the other class formats with more skill. As you learn the basics on the bags, you’ll also work up a great sweat!

+ Good for beginners
+ 30 minutes
+ Focuses on safety and technique

Advanced Bag Workout

Advanced Bagwork is a 45-minute workout where you will experience longer boxing combinations, next level footwork, and Floyd’s famous defensive movements. For you to have a fun, inspiring first Advanced Bagwork experience, we suggest that you complete any 5 Mayweather Boxing + Fitness workouts before participating.

+ Good for advanced only
+ 45 minutes
+ Focuses on longer boxing combinations, footwork and defensive movements


Looking for more focused guidance to meet your goals? Our personal training sessions are delivered by a personal trainer who has access to use the entire studio and all of the training tools. This is not boxing centric but more focused on your needs whether it be weight loss, conditioning, strength or flexibility.

+ Good for all levels
+ Times may vary
+ Focuses on member’s fitness needs and goals
+ 1-1 Coaching also avaliable – boxing centric with a focus on mitt work and boxing