Why More Women Should Take Up Boxing Classes

Why More Women Should Take Up Boxing Classes

When many people think of boxing, they picture Floyd Mayweather in the ring or Rocky Balboa in the movies as the typical dominant, masculine fighter. However, boxing is one of the best workouts for females as well, and an increasing amount of women are being drawn to the high intensity and powerful sport. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers the best boxing classes in Los Angeles and demonstrates why women are becoming stronger, fitter, more confident and more empowered through boxing classes.

 Many women looking to get into the best shape of their lives try a multitude of classes, especially in a large fitness-centric city like Los Angeles. From spinning to hot yoga to barre, it can be difficult to navigate which workout will bring you the best results. Boxing is a workout that is guaranteed to strengthen your core, build lean muscle and burn some serious calories. Every single punch you throw, you activate your entire core muscles, fire up the hips and glutes and engage your shoulder muscles. Boxers are most well known for two things: their endurance stamina and strong core. Boxers are some of the best cardio conditioned athletes in the world, and when applied in a fitness group setting, it allows its members to get a full body burn. When looking to make a lifestyle change no matter if you are a student, a young professional or a mom, boxing will get women in the best shape of their lives. For females, boxing classes are some of the most efficient and effective options for a fitness breakthrough.

 Boxing classes are great for women because it brings a strong feeling of empowerment and confidence. Even today, every woman has experienced a time when they were overlooked or dismissed as not good enough, simply because of their gender. Boxing is a unique sport that embodies power, strength, grace and mental tactics. Boxing teaches mental toughness and provides an emotional catharsis for all its participants. Boxing has proven to decrease stress hormones and increase endorphins, helping to relieve stress and boost your overall mood. Particularly for women, it’s important to discover your full strength, and with that, confidence in what you can accomplish in this world. There are no excuses and no limitations in a boxing ring. For women, it can be a powerful and life-changing way to discover their inner strength and apply it in every aspect of life.

 Boxing is also a very practical sport for women to learn, as it equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves. It is important to know that you could defend yourself if need be, even against larger and stronger men than you. The footwork and power movements learned in a boxing class can prove to be useful in real life scenarios for self-protection. Learning new moves in the ring requires complete concentration, and there is always more to be learned. Not only are these skills applicable to the real world, but they also provide endless engagement and room for growth in the sport, as there is always a new level to conquer. Rather than simply getting an intense full-body workout (which boxing definitely provides), boxing gives women the opportunity to learn a new skill to carry with them their whole lives. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness empowers women to discover what they’re truly capable of.