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Developed throughout two decades of Floyd’s career, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness provides the most effective group boxing instruction, conditioning the body for optimal results. Each class consists of 12 rounds, with 2 warm-up rounds, 4 bag rounds, 4 floor rounds and 2 core rounds. Burn upwards of 1,000 calories in our Championship classes! No matter who you are: a former athlete, young professional, stay-at-home-parent, or retiree, for 45 minutes a day, you become a Champion.

What our members have to say


This is what group fitness should be – high intensity, great energy, but still focus on form and technique. . .  I love the classes and feel AMAZING every time I walk out of the studio.  This is the very best of group fitness classes.

- Tom

My experience at this gym has been nothing but pure amazement. The staff are on point, thoughtful, engaging, encouraging and call you by name. . . When I leave here after a workout, I feel accomplished and strangely looking forward to the next beat down.

- Tina

Every day I come here, I feel empowered.  In these times, it’s really hard to find something that makes you feel that way, which is why this place is so special.

- Olivia

What I love about Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is that it feels like a family here.  Everyone is so friendly and the coaching team really cares about the members.  THIS is what community is all about!

- Barbara

I have never felt more welcome into a fitness family.  This was/is an intimidating sport and I almost didn’t go to my first class……  I AM SO HAPPY I DID! If you want to have a great time, get in shape, and learn something new with people that will support and help you through it all…  SIGN UP TODAY!

- Adam


A unique combination class consisting of high-intensity interval training and Floyd’s dynamic speed, agility and cardio conditioning drills. Ignite the strength and power within every part of your body while burning upwards of 700 calories. Just 12 – three minute rounds over 45 minutes and you’ll be right on track in achieving that lean and toned physique.


The ultimate full-body workout that incorporates best boxing practices with strength and conditioning exercises. Throughout this 45 minute class, develop your technical boxing skills, along with various functional movement patterns that will leave you feeling strong, tough, and ready to take on the world.


An extended strength and conditioning boxing class, combining the best elements of both our Boxing HIIT and Power Boxing programs. This 60-minute sweat session will challenge athletes of all levels, getting you in the best shape of your life, while empowering you with the confidence of a Champion.

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