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Welcome to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. A high energy, fun, boxing group fitness class experience that will increase your fitness levels while building your strength and confidence. Build your endurance by rotating through each round to a new station where you’ll find a unique training emphasis. No matter who you are: a former athlete, young professional, stay-at-home-parent, or retiree – for 45 minutes a day, you become a Champion.

What our members have to say


What I love about Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is that it feels like a family here.  Everyone is so friendly and the coaching team really cares about the members.  THIS is what community is all about!

- Barbara

Every day I come here, I feel empowered.  In these times, it’s really hard to find something that makes you feel that way, which is why this place is so special.

- Olivia

This is what group fitness should be – high intensity, great energy, but still focus on form and technique. . .  I love the classes and feel AMAZING every time I walk out of the studio.  This is the very best of group fitness classes.

- Tom

My experience at this gym has been nothing but pure amazement. The staff are on point, thoughtful, engaging, encouraging and call you by name. . . When I leave here after a workout, I feel accomplished and strangely looking forward to the next beat down.

- Tina

I have never felt more welcome into a fitness family.  This was/is an intimidating sport and I almost didn’t go to my first class……  I AM SO HAPPY I DID! If you want to have a great time, get in shape, and learn something new with people that will support and help you through it all…  SIGN UP TODAY!

- Adam


It is impossible to go UNDEFEATED if you quit. For these workout designs, the intensity is high, and we will get uncomfortable at times, but we never quit. We will adjust, adapt, and trust our tenacity and our resilience. Floyd Mayweather left the sport of boxing, UNDEFEATED, partly because of his “never quit” attitude and trust in himself.


Strong takes discipline and focus. For these workout designs, the tempo is a bit slower, but the strength and power we bring to these sessions are the focus. The efforts in Strong are very intentional. We hit the bag a bit different in Strong. The power that you bring to these boxing combinations creates a stronger you, physically and mentally.


Champions are built with a great team and support of family and community. Floyd Mayweather understands this at a deep level, and now has the eternal nickname, Champ. With this epic, 60-minute workout design with 16 Rounds, you will lean on your fellow members for support, camaraderie, and inspiration. Champs are not built alone.


For the Love of Boxing.
Boxing brings out positive emotion, gets rid of negative emotion, relieves stress, and builds strong bodies and minds. This workout design is about personal growth and leaving better than you arrived. Learn to Box. Learn to love the sport of Boxing, like the Champ.

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