For The Record

For The Record

It’s no secret that in 12 rounds, a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class will effectively target and challenge your upper body, lower body, core strength and cardiovascular fitness. While every movement and exercise performed during a class is strategically selected and is critical for reaching your fitness goals, there is another very important aspect which […]

The holiday season is full of friends, family, tasty treats and seasonal drinks. It’s a great time of the year filled with fun activities that nobody should miss out on. However, it is also often a time of the year where people feel their health and fitness priorities slipping. Even while enjoying all of the […]

While professional boxers go against an opponent, working with a partner is a highly motivating and effective tool when working out. During a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class, one of the rounds on the heavy bag will feature partner work. This is an opportunity to motivate and learn from your partner, take a little break […]

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’ workout is unparalleled and revolutionary to the world of boutique fitness. One of the factors that makes Mayweather Boxing + Fitness so state-of-the-art is the equipment which fills the gym. Each piece is carefully chosen to maximize space, provide the most challenge and deliver the best results to our members. There […]

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, it is a great time to reflect on the blessings in our lives and give back to those in our community. Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s name may be synonymous with wealth and fame today, but that was not always the case for him. Coming from humble beginnings in […]

Boxing is a great way to burn calories, tone up and let out some steam. However, boxing also has a very important practical application to it – self-defense. Through the offensive and defensive movements learned during a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, you can learn how to protect yourself against any potential danger that you may […]