At Home Workouts

There’s nothing like feeding off the energy of your Instructors and fellow members in the middle of a group fitness class. It’s so motivating to know someone is personally holding you accountable and that there are other people pushing through the same challenge as you. While nothing can truly replace the electric atmosphere of a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class, we have curated a library of at-home workouts to help keep you on track towards your fitness goals, no matter where you are. With zero equipment and little space required, you may be surprised how amazing of a full-body burn you can get! Below are a few of Floyd Mayweather’s favorite at-home workouts:

1) Pushups and Plank Super Set – Floyd, and boxers in general, are known for their strong core and upper body strength. Each punch a boxer throws, they rely on their complete core strength to provide them stability and their upper body strength to supply power. Alternating between core and upper body exercises is an effective way to fire up each muscle group and allow a minimal recovery period directly after reaching fatigue. By super setting the two exercises, you will avoid ever reaching a completely sedentary state. While there are many fancy core and upper body exercises out there, sometimes simplicity is key. Follow in Floyd’s footsteps and go for the old school favorites: pushups and planks. Each will help you build a powerful upper body and core, as well as maintain good posture.

2) Jumping Squats and Reverse Luge with Twist Super Set – As Floyd’s defensive skills remain supreme over any other boxer, his agility and lower body strength are largely to thank for that. Plyometrics, which often include exercises that involve jumping, help build a quick reaction and power, which are key to remaining elusive against your opponent. They also help to build great leg muscle tone and firm your glutes, which everyone can appreciate! Jumping lunges help build explosiveness and power in your lower body while requiring a firing of the glute muscles. Lunges help build balance and constantly engage the core with the added twist.

3) Shadow Boxing – You don’t need to be in the ring or hitting the bags to get fight ready – or in amazing shape! Shadow boxing is a highly effective workout that helps instill muscle memory for boxing combinations, improves your functional footwork which can be applied to nearly any form of exercise, and builds your cardio base. By constantly staying light on your toes, you will be surprised with how much your stamina increases over time! Begin by working on your fundamental punches like your jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. Focus on fully extending your arms with each punch in order to get the full benefit of the arm and core workout.

Finally, don’t forget to always cool down with static stretching to lengthen your muscles, work out the lactic acid and reduce the risk of injuries. Drink plenty of water following your at-home workout to aid recovery and make sure you’re ready to go for the next one! Now go get it, Team Mayweather!