For The Record

For The Record

Being a successful boxer has many components to it: accurate technique, good conditioning and explosive power. One of the keys to building the quickness and explosiveness required of a boxer is to properly train the lower body. There are endless exercises that target your lower body and give you a good burn in your glutes, […]

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness will deliver a high-intensity, total-body workout for your body. While staying physically in shape plays a big role in someone’s well-being, prioritizing the health of your mind is also extremely important for people to live well-rounded and happy lives. Setting aside time in your day to calm your mind and go […]

One of the many unique and effective pieces of equipment that you will find at your Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio is the Jungle Gym Suspension Training. Suspension training is a highly effective piece of equipment that brings variety to any workout. A boxer’s strength, agility and plyometrics abilities must be very high in order […]

Ab Rollouts / Crunches Superset – A boxer’s core strength is one of the most important aspects for a boxer’s conditioning. A strong core builds power and strength with each offensive and defensive movement, as well as builds a protective layer for potential punches that land. Supersetting Ab Rollouts with traditional Crunches engages the core […]

There are four different types of boxing bags in the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio. Each one offers a fun and unique challenge and effectively targets a different skillset. Spending one round on each of the bags allows our members to work on all the different fundamental punches and experience a full-body burn like none […]

The skillmill is one of the most effective and unique pieces of equipment in the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studios. Even some of the most experienced gym goers have never seen a skillmill before coming to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. However, it quickly becomes a crowd favorite with many of our members. The wide range […]