First-Timers: What to Expect

First-Timers: What to Expect

So you’ve been wanting to try a boxing class, you’ve heard about Mayweather Boxing + Fitness and you’ve booked your first free class. But how should you prepare yourself for your first class? Trying any new fitness class can be intimidating, especially a high intensity one like boxing. The Mayweather name, while synonymous with success and excellence, can also be intimidating to walk into for first time boxers. But have no fear! Each Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class is customizable for any fitness or experience level, and we love having newcomers. Below are some things to expect for your first Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class.

 The 24 hours leading up to your first Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class, make sure to drink plenty of water in order to properly hydrate yourself. Proper hydration is key in order to stay energized during class and recover quickly afterwards. Whether you take a HIIT, Power boxing or Championship class, you will sweat a lot and being hydrated is important for your body to react the best to the workout. Getting a good night’s sleep is also important before your first boxing class. Especially when you haven’t done it before or in awhile, a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class targets muscles and parts of the body that may not be used to working. Being well-rested is an important factor to being ready for everything the class has to offer.

 You should arrive at least 15 minutes early to your very first class. The earlier the better, as you will get a chance to tour the Studio, get set up with your equipment and meet the coach. Especially if you are new to boxing, going over some basic punches with the coach prior to the class is a great way to learn the basic punches and familiarize yourself with the proper technique. That way, by the time you start shadow boxing, you will have a basic understanding of the different movements that are being taught. Whether you are a first timer or a boxing veteran, it is important to let your coach know prior to class if you have any injuries or problem areas of concern. The coach can customize any workout and modify exercises to prevent aggravation of an injury.

 Throughout the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class, you will be using a heart rate monitor to track your performance in real-time. If this is your first time using a heart rate monitor, make sure to locate yourself on the screen so you can easily find your circle throughout the class. Pay attention to how hard you have to work to reach the different heart rate zones, so you can be clearer on how to work most efficiently and achieve your desired results in your following workouts. The coach will cue you throughout the workout on which heart rate zone you should be in – those are great ways to gauge how hard you are working and when you should be really pushing during a class.

 Each Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class will be half on the heavy bags and half on the floor doing conditioning exercises. After a shadow boxing warm-up with the whole class, your coach will break the group into groups, depending on how many people there are in the class. You will start either on the floor or heavy bags and switch half way through class. Following both sides of the room, everyone ends in a group core routine. When you hit the core routine, you know you’ve almost survived your first class! Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ever ask a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness staff member or coach any questions that might arise. Our Studio is a true family, and our members are often the greatest resources for any questions you might have, as well!