Why Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is One of the Best Gyms in LA

Are you ready to find out what you’re made of? When it comes to fitness in LA, the options are plentiful and diverse – there’s indoor cycling studios and crossfit gyms, barre classes and hot yoga, and class pass giving you the option to explore them all. But in the heart of the Miracle Mile district, a new workout has arrived and has beat out its opponents, claiming the title as the best gym in Los Angeles. Welcome to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness.

 The moment you walk into the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio, you feel the raw presence of hard work and dedication. Signed photographs and memorabilia of Floyd Mayweather himself adorn the gym, and the best fitness equipment fill the floor, ranging from state of the art skill rowers, to TRX bands and Skillmills (if you haven’t tried these, get ready for a whole new level of treadmill work). Rows of boxing heavy bags proudly lead to the gym’s main attraction– the championship boxing ring. The class’s unique combination of strength conditioning and boxing provides an unparalleled burn in a quick 45 minutes. The equipment is also available for members during open gym hours, for those who can’t make a scheduled class time or simply want a little extra push.

 Each floor exercise, boxing routine and terminology used throughout the course of the class is taken directly from Floyd Mayweather’s training camp– so it’s no surprise it’s one of the most effective workouts in Los Angeles. Once class begins, a coach with their own unique background in boxing and fitness will lead you through a shadow boxing warm-up. One-on-one boxing technique instruction will be given as you learn a series of punches inspired by a specific fight in which Floyd Mayweather outsmarted his opponent. In a whirlwind of high intensity strength and metabolic conditioning exercises and four rounds of boxing with mitt work, you will experience why this is the best full-body workout.

 One of the keys to making this workout so effective is the live-time data collection from heart rate monitors, which members wear during class. A monitor in the boxing studio displays the heart rates of each class participant, tracking their heart rate, how many calories are burned and visual comparison to the other members of the class, fueling competition and excitement. People are proven to burn up to 50% more calories while wearing a heart rate monitoring device than those who do not, and that level of intensity shows during a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class. The fast-paced lower body explosiveness and pure upper body power required from a boxer makes members push their workload to a whole new level.

 A class may last only 45 minutes, but the strength and confidence built at the best boxing gym in LA are something you will take with you throughout the rest of your day. Mental strength is one of the most important things tested during a workout and the mental durability of a boxer is rivaled by none. Learn not only to survive but thrive under pressure, welcome obstacles and rise from challenges. You will even get the opportunity to fight Floyd Mayweather himself through a customized Virtual Reality setup. Members are able to build their boxing technique and challenge their reflexes by sparring Mayweather through this cutting-edge technology.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a leader in innovation and advancement of exercise technology and is opening the doors for the possibilities of fitness.

 Let us help you push yourself past your limit and you’ll uncover your inner Champ. Heart pumping, sweat pouring and punches flying, you’ll walk out of the studio feeling like you’re 50-0.