The Perfect Boxing and Fitness Combination

Many people ask us what exactly Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is – is it a boxing gym? Is it a circuit training class? As Floyd Mayweather explained himself, “This is not a boxing gym, this is a boxing fitness gym.” Our strategically designed class has both boxing and functional training components to deliver the most effective workout and practical boxing training at the same time. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness classes will make you burn calories, build muscle and learn to be a competent boxer.

 Boxers are some of the most well conditioned athletes in the world. Combining boxing training with traditional strength and cardio based exercises is a natural and authentic way to achieve real results while learning a thrilling new skill. Beginning with a shadow boxing warmup, members will receive individual attention from experienced boxing coaches on proper punching technique and learn the Mayweather style of defense. Moving to the heavy bags, members can then practice what they learned during the warmup at a faster pace, building power and speed in their punches. Each boxing routine is taken directly from a real fight in which Floyd beat out his opponent. Whether it’s the McGregor or De La Hoya combo, members will use real Mayweather boxing combinations to help them learn the fundamental skills of boxing. With calorie burning and strength building always being a priority during Mayweather Boxing + Fitness classes, heavy bag rounds are infused with cardio spurts and explosive movements to deliver the best workout possible.

 The four rounds on the floor portion of class are grouped by muscle movements in order to maximize the results. While members will no doubt become proficient boxers from the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness classes, the floor portions specifically target fat burning, toning and strength building. When creating this concept, Floyd Mayweather wanted to use his passion for not only boxing, but for overall fitness and healthy living to inspire others. Through this class layout, members will reap the benefits of Floyd’s highly effective and meticulously planned fitness routines. Each muscle movement is divided into different days, creating a complete cycle for members who come all five days of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are full-body extended bonus classes to perfect all the skills learned throughout the week.Our studio is not created for professional boxers who are trying to win more fights in the ring. Our vision and mission is to make anyone who walks through our doors healthier, more fit and more confident, all while learning the fundamentals and skills of boxing. The strength built in class is a strength that can be carried with you through every aspect of life. Floyd Mayweather found his success in the ring due to his high level of physical training and fitness. However, the same passion and dedication he used for his boxing training has helped him become a pioneer outside of the ring, as well. We believe that each of our members will uncover their Inner Champ in a similar way.