The Importance of Proper Recovery

In order to train like a Champ, you have to be able to recover like one. Recovery is a crucial part of your fitness journey and is just as important as your actual workouts. Particularly for a high-impact and high intensity exercise like boxing, being aware of proper recovery habits and routines is key to recovering quicker, being less sore and getting the full benefits from each workout. It is important to take care of your body for both your long and short term well being.

 One of the most simple yet effective ways to recover quicker is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps the toxins flush out of your body and and prevents dehydration which can be a leading factor to sore muscles. Sweating large amounts during intense physical activities can lead to dehydration which can also slow the delivery of nutrients to the muscles. Right when you wake up, drinking three full glasses of water is an easy way to make sure you start the day with a positive hydration habit.

 Another important habit to form first thing when you wake up is getting nutrients in your body. People often neglect having breakfast which can throw your body’s natural and productive rhythm off. Consuming something as simple as a protein shake with glutamine and amino acids can help reduce muscle soreness and provide the initial nutrients needed to build and develop your muscles. Similarly, it is important to consume some source of protein within 30 minutes after your workout to make sure your workout is fully optimized.

 If you are experiencing an uncomfortable amount of muscle soreness following your workout, a hot tub is very effective in relaxing the muscles. Any sort of heat therapy helps increase blood flow, eliminate stiffness and overall quicken the recovery process. Alternating heat and cold therapy is also an effective way to eliminate any sort of inflammation caused by heavy exercise. More advanced cold therapy options such as cryotherapy can help quicken your body’s recovery process if it is available to you, as well.

 A foam roller is a simple yet highly effective tool for relaxing your muscles and aiding the recovery process. Incorporating a foam roller into your basic stretching routine can make a huge difference for your body. When using a foam roller, you can change the pressure you apply in order to tailor the stretch depending on what your body needs on that particular day. Foam rollers work through tight and knotted muscles to help relax any part of your body that might be causing you pain. Foam rollers are very convenient to fit into your regular daily routine, and you can use them while watching TV or relaxing at home.

 Finally, one of the most important things you can do for your body following an intense workout like Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is getting enough sleep. Sleep is your body’s natural way of resetting itself and as we sleep, growth hormone is released which helps promote muscle recovery and regeneration. Especially in today’s fast paced world, getting enough sleep to have ample energy for your workout is one of the best things you can do for your body and health.