The Benefits of Setting a Workout Plan

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness classes are structured as part of a strategic workout plan in order to maximize your time and generate optimal results. Whether it’s through a group fitness class or on your own, it is important to have the best workout plan organized prior to beginning a workout, geared towards your specific fitness goals. Having a workout plan allows you to stay motivated, maintain clear goals and experience breakthroughs in your fitness journey.

 Between working, finding time for social activities and having time to rest, it can be difficult to make time for a workout. One of the main benefits of setting a workout plan is carving away a predetermined time of your day for working out, thus eliminating the uncertainty of when you will be able to make it to the gym. By scheduling in your workout the same as you would a work meeting or dinner reservation, you will prevent yourself from making excuses of not working out due to poor planning or an unexpectedly busy day. Not only does a workout plan allow you to set aside a period of time for your workout, but it also maximizes your time in the gym, so you are the most productive with your time and are able to get back to other parts of your life quicker. A clear game plan of exactly which muscles you will activate, machines you will use and number of repetitions you will count ensures your time at the gym will be spent effectively.

 A strong workout plan will ensure that you maintain consistency in your workouts, and consistency is key to getting results. At Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, the workout plan is already crafted for you by knowledgeable boxing coaches and other fitness experts – all you have to do is show up consistently. If you are working out by yourself, the same structure can be self-implemented and will ensure steady progress and results. Rather than doing a random selection of exercises, even if they are done with high intensity, a workout plan ensures that you are strategically working muscles to achieve proportional results throughout your body. Whether intentionally or not, everyone has their preferred and go-to workouts that they tend to revert to out of comfort. A workout plan successfully prevents you from resorting to the same moves repeatedly and ensures that you will hit every part of your body over the course of a week. While there are different ways to group your workouts per day, the most beneficial workout plan should complete a full-body cycle in a span of seven days. Each week can increase in difficulty, both in weight and repetition count, as appropriate. The best workout plan should be structured for an 8-12 week span, allowing you to reassess your strengths and weakness at the conclusion of the cycle and restructure your new workout plan accordingly.

 Following a workout plan will also help you expand your knowledge of fitness and exercise. In the process of putting a workout plan together yourself, you will have the opportunity to read articles from different health and fitness outlets and speak with experts from the field. If you are following a predetermined workout plan, such as one from Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, you will be able to see the benefits of grouping certain muscle movements rather than muscle groups together and learn new exercises that add variety to basic workouts. Maximize your opportunity to learn and gain knowledge by always asking questions as to why certain exercises are done and the benefits of each movement from your coach or fitness expert.