Celebrities Who Box

Celebrities, models and actors often need to stay in top shape for their professions. Boxing is a popular method that many of these people turn to in order to get in the best shape of their lives and maintain their fitness levels over a long period of time. Boxing is a highly effective way to cut weight, lean out and build muscle. For these celebrities, boxing is a go-to way to keep on top of their fitness regimen and have fit bodies, all year long.

 Gigi Hadid, Victoria’s Secret model and celebrity figure, is an outspoken proponent for boxing as a way to keep her fit figure. Gigi frequently visits Gotham Gym, a popular boxing gym in New York. A typical workout for her consists of a jump rope warm up in order to raise her heart rate and work on her feet-eye coordination. Her trainer then leads her through a series of core exercises such as planks, bicycles and crunches, in order to target her abs which are featured in many of the runway shows she does. Finishing with mitt work and rounding her workout up with glute-focused work, Gigi uses boxing to deliver a true full body workout.

 Possibly one of the biggest names in pop culture today, Kim Kardashian West also frequently shows off her boxing workouts to help get her famous curves. While Kim participated in an actual boxing match in 2009 for a charity event, she now focuses on boxing for a purely fitness purpose. Kim’s hourglass figure which many people strive to achieve features a trim waist, which is constantly worked in the sport of boxing. With each offensive punch and defensive move, the entire core is engaged. It’s no wonder why Kim finds boxing to be one of the more effective workouts.

 When preparing for his movie The Fighter in 2010, Mark Wahlberg was one of the many A-list actors to turn to boxing. Preparing for the role, Mark went through intense boxing training for months in advance. Calling it one of the toughest workouts around – and one of the best mental releases – Mark saw his body undergo some serious changes through his boxing work. Warming up with a typical jump rope routine, Mark then does work on the speed bag in order to work on hand-eye coordination and heavy bag work to strengthen his boxing skills and burn calories. Similar to a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class layout, Mark then does conditioning work, breaking up the week to focus on different muscle movements. Seeing his ripped body in The Fighter, there is no question that boxing was an effective workout for the actor.

In a similar capacity to Mark Wahlberg, Michael B. Jordan is a strong advocate for the benefits of boxing. In the blockbuster hit Creed, Michael B. Jordan plays the son of a famous boxer who becomes a dominant fighter in his own right. In order to get into top boxing shape, Jordan worked out twice a day focusing specifically on boxing conditioning and cardio-based workouts. In order to properly educate himself on the sport of boxing, Jordan even attended Floyd Mayweather’s workouts to see how the very best boxer trains. By taking notes from The Champ himself, Michael B. Jordan achieved an extremely strong and chiseled body and delivered a highly believable performance in the sensational movie.