Prepare For Your First Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Class - Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Get Ready For Round 1 – Your First Class!

Thanks for booking your first class! We’re in your corner.



What To Expect For Your First Class


  • Arrive Early – We want to make sure you’re completely set up for success for your first class. Come to the studio 30 minutes before your class time so we can make sure you get the best experience!
  • Get Your Gear – You can’t Train like the Champ if you don’t have the proper gear! Don’t worry – we have glove options for anyone who doesn’t have their own boxing gloves and wraps. Our Studio team member will make sure you’re all set!
  • Class Explanation with your Instructor – Your Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Instructor will walk you through what to expect from class. First time boxer? Don’t sweat it! Our Instructor will show you all of the basic punches so you’ll be boxing like a Champ in no time.
  • Take Class!  – Get ready to sweat, groove and have some fun! With both boxing and fitness elements, we guarantee you’ll get an awesome full-body workout by the end of class. Plus, Floyd Mayweather himself will be guiding you through the boxing combinations on the TV screens. Who else can be taught by the Champ himself?!
  • Join the Family  We have membership options for everyone! Everyone in the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness family is here to support and uplift each other, and have a blast while doing so. Our Studio team members will talk about what makes the most sense for you!

Reach out to the Studio with any questions! The Mayweather Boxing + Fitness team can’t wait to welcome you!