How to Stay Motivated During Class

It’s no secret that the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness workouts are hard. While the great coaches, loud music and supportive members are all extremely helpful to get through the workout, sometimes late in the fourth round on the heavy bags or floor it can be hard to stay motivated and working as hard as you can. Finding ways to remind yourself of why you came and what you want to achieve is crucial in order to stay motivated from the start to finish of a class and truly reap all of the benefits. Some of our Mayweather Boxing + Fitness coaches gave their top tips on how to stay motivated and pushing yourself during a class, even when you’re exhausted and might want to quit early.

 Coach Kollins: “It’s very important to partner up with the right people. Partnering up with people of similar fitness abilities as you allows you to push each other and make sure you are each working to get better. Besides the competition you can find between other members in class, you can also create a competition with yourself. By using the Heart Rate monitor and examining your post-class summary, you can try to better yourself each class and burn more calories than you ever have previously burned. Personal progress and self-competition is key in order to stay motivated throughout a long period of time and will really help you see results. Taking measurements and weighing yourself 1-2 times a month in order to see progress is huge, as well. It is also important to imagine you are fighting your opponent and not just punching a bag. Make it personal – think of a battle you have faced in the past or an opponent in your life you wish to face. All of those things can help.”

 Coach Denise: “I would say try and envision yourself in an actual fight while hitting the bags to stay motivated. I like to be right next to someone that is Beast so I can stay motivated. When you see someone pushing hard, you tend to push harder. On the floor as well, get with someone that will challenge you. Wearing a heart rate monitor & aiming for more than your previous calorie score is also an effective way to stay motivated during a class. It’s all about your mindset. Envision yourself achieving your ultimate goal. What is your WHY?”

 Coach Katie: “A big motivator for me in training and in life is to remember that usually your mind will quit before your body will. So if you change your thoughts, you can accomplish more than you ever imagined. My Joshu (teacher) always used to say, ‘Have a strong mind and your body will follow. You can if you think you can. You can’t if you think you can’t.’ For me, that really helps me stay motivated throughout a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class.”

 Coach Aaron: “Most of my motivation comes from discovering my purpose. I often tell myself, ‘I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.’ If you always come from a place of integrity, positive attitude and humility, life seems to offer you the opportunity to succeed in life. Life is too precious to not create a space of substance and one worth living. Ask yourself, who/what are you fighting for in this life. Make a plan with tangible goals, get tangible results.”

 Next time you’re taking a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness class and start to get tired or lose some steam, try to apply some of the tips that the coaches use for themselves. The classes are hard, but that is what will bring you the results that will keep you coming back! Don’t be afraid to put in the work and train like the Champ that you are.